All About VinciWay app

Once you walk , run, cycle you paint your own shape.

Figure your Way with VinciWay !

Wouldn’t be fun if you are able to setup your cycling or running goal and create amazing figures so you can be real artists.

Share your routes in social media and attract others for running and cycling.

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Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Draw your Way

Easily entertain your moving activities by minimal number of configurable steps (ad-hoc planning)

Amazing App Features

  • Better plan your way. You could have exact number of km of your trip for your goal route
  • Create amazing shapes on map once you are on the way
  • Simple predefined shapes with ‚two-click’

Export / Import your routes

Share your routes or keep them for your own. It is really simple

Amazing App Features

  • Incredible easy export to *.gpx format
  • Great connections with your schedule training app set2b.fit

Easy Social Sharing

Share your achievements on Social Media

Amazing App Features

  • Share the sport achievements on Facebook
  • You are the artist , creator of amazing shapes on maps. Let’s others see it !

Create amazing shapes

Just draw your way on map by finger. VinciWay will do the rest

Amazing App Features

  • Application algorithms will help you to prepare great way for your training
  • It is instantly calculated , scalable shape prepared by you

Sport effects monitoring

VinciWay measures your progress in the background

Amazing App Features

  • All main cycled or run route metrics ( distance , high, difficulty , burned calories etc. ) are available for you

We Make Your life Easier

Live Stats Anywhere

All main cycled or run route metrics ( distance , high, difficulty , burned calories etc. ) are available

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Beautiful User Interface


We are proud of:

  • High quality icons

  • Great User-Experience in setting area

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Screenshot Candy

Everyone loves looking at beautiful eye candy.

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